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I opened MultiDoge and my wallets were missing

What are the symptoms ?

You open MultiDoge and instead of seeing your wallet(s) in the Wallet list, you don't see anything. The wallet(s) have probably just been closed.

What can you do when this happens ?

Relax - you are very likely to still have your wallet(s) on your disk. Do the following:

  1. Review Troubleshooting. This describes where MultiDoge stores the default wallet (multidoge.wallet) for your computer.
  2. Have a look in that directory. You can open any wallet there using the 'File | Open Wallet Open Wallet' menu option.
  3. Use your computer's search tool to find ".wallet" and include hidden directories - you should see the automatically generated backups.
  4. If you created a new wallet and stored it in another directory then you will have to look there.
  5. Check any external/network drives you may have chosen when saving the wallet

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