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Reset blockchain and transactions

Occasionally you get transactions that never seem to confirm. If you have a transaction that has not confirmed for several hours but you know it is definitely on the blockchain (because you visited and checked the transaction ID) then you can reset your blockchain.

This process gives MultiDoge the opportunity to revisit old transactions. During this process MultiDoge will check if a transaction has fully confirmed. If so, then it will appear in your transaction list.

How to reset the blockchain

  1. Open MultiDoge and make sure the wallet you are interested in is selected in the 'Wallets Wallets' side panel.
  2. Go the 'Tools | Reset Reset Blockchain and Transactions' menu option.
  3. This brings up a new screen. To reset the selected wallet click the 'Reset Reset blockchain and transactions' button.
  4. MultiDoge will start reloading the blockchain. This can take some time. Just let it run and download the blockchain. When it is finished, your wallet should reflect what is on the blockchain.

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