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You use the 'Preferences Preferences' tab to customise MultiDoge to your personal preferences. Change a setting on the tab and then press the 'Preferences Apply Changes' button.

You can change the following:

Display language

There are many languages available in MultiDoge. You can choose the 'Use default locale for user' and it will use your computer's locale. If you choose 'Use specific language' you can then choose the language you want MultiDoge to appear in.

MultiDoge is localised by its users. If your native language is not fully localised and you want to help, visit

If you choose a language that you cannot understand, you can undo the change by clicking on the 'Undo last font or language change' button.


You can change the font that MultiDoge is displayed in and its point size. Click on the 'Choose display font' and select the font you want.

If you choose a font that does not display correctly, you can undo the change by clicking on the 'Undo last font or language change'.

You can choose the overall look of MultiDoge by selecting one of the 'Look and feel' options. See which you prefer.

Currency ticker and exchange rate

There is a separate help topic explaining the currency ticker and exchange rate functionality.

Browser integration

When you click on a Dogecoin link on a webpage, MultiDoge opens and can process the information and fill out the Send form, if you want it to. Choose between the options:

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